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Gowlland Tod Provincial Park

This weekend is setting the tone for summer: day hikes and lots of them. With the football season fast approaching camping, overnight hikes and long distance adventures will soon be out of the question. However that’s no reason to stop exploring, adventuring, or seeing what this beautiful island has to offer on a daily basis!

Today my Man, Henry, Maggie May and I set out to explore the south portion of Gowlland Tod Provincial Park.

Here’s some things you should know about Gowlland Tod:

  • The entire park comprises a total of 1,280 hectares of uplands and foreshore.
  • The whole park has 25km of trail (though the middle portion behind durrance lake is unmarked and not well maintained).
  • The Gowlland range overlooks Fynlayson arm (see the above photo), a beautiful inlet that only replenishes its waters once a year.. Making it one of the most beautiful and safest places in BC for snorkelling and diving! With such a stable habitat prepare to see an array of rare and wonderful sea creatures!

The park is marked vigorous, but for well experienced hikers the south portion is quite easy. Though I wouldn’t recommend it, I was in flip flops and couldn’t help but run with the dogs almost the entire way back to the car.

The park is beautiful with a myriad of wildlife and plant life. Though we didn’t see much in the way of wildlife today, I have seen owls, woodpeckers, eagles, turkey vultures, many deer img_1415and a few quayle. The park is also known to have cougars and during th
e salmon run you may even come across a bear on the south end, but typically they don’t come down that far.
With all the wildlife they do ask that you keep your dogs on leashes (however we were far from the only ones who didn’t adhere to this request). It is important to keep your dogs under control, especially as you get closer to the water as it’s quite common to see river otters and nesting waterfowl.

Post hike Luke and I went to one of my favourite local restaurants Rawthentic, a raw eatery in Royal Oak. If you’re around I highly recommend having a peek! It’s well priced and well portioned. They have a great grab-and-go selection for anyone on the run. Luke and I like coming her for lunch dates and I LOVE meeting my girlfriends here.. But by no means is this a dinner date kind of place with its ultra casual and relaxed atmosphere.

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