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Lac Le Jeune

Happy post-Thanksgiving return to work week. Thanksgiving is about well, giving thanks for what you have.

This weekend I was able to get away to do some R&R in a sweet little cabin by a lake. I packed all the necessities: swim suit, towel, sunglasses x2, shorts, a onesie, and some warmer clothing for the evening. Well, as you can obviously tell by the photo we had snow all weekend so the swim suit, shorts and onesie stayed deep in the duffle bag! Having said that I am no less thankful, the company was wonderful, the scenery absolutely beautiful and it was the first weekend of a long distance relationship attempt that if successful (fingers crossed) will allow the two of us to explore B.C. in ways we may not have if we still lived close by.

Lac Le Jeune is located 47km north of Merrit on the way to Kamloops, B.C. At an elevation of 1,280m. The lake lies within Lac Le Jeune Provincial Park and is a popular fishing spot for rainbow trout. It is also the home to moose, mule deer, beavers, osprey, many song birds and waterfowl, and by the poop we saw bears as well!

I’ve read that the smaller surrounding lakes provide ice-fishing opportunities in the winter though there are 250 little docks all around the perimeter of Lac Le Jeune that allow fisher women and fishermen ample opportunity to try their hand at fishing in the ice-free months. Just don’t expect anything large, the average fish in this lake is only about 3lbs.

Mimi and I went to explore while the guys made their if not first, then first attempt in a long time at fishing. I may get in trouble for saying this, but they came up devastatingly short handed!!

img_1472Sunday afternoon found us all exploring the large portion of the lake. We hiked over the bridge that separates the main body to the calm little corner that we were on, and headed left down Lookout Road. Don’t get excited, Lookout Road has a view of purely tall trees and a few homes. At the end of the road however we found the Gus Johnson trail, a hikking/cross country ski trail that goes around the entire perimeter of the lake. The trail is approximately 8km long and gives way to the Stake Lake trail system that boasts over 45km of trail. We hiked for about an hour and barely made it to the halfway point. Granted, we were not going very fast and stopping lots!

Our cabin was part of the Lac Le Jeune Resort and Nature Centre, a lovely complex with friendly owners. The main building has a rustic feel with a warm atmosphere. The coffee table is strewn with bird books and any bird aficionado would be in absolute paradise!

Our crew… Note we didn’t do our homework on the climate and ended up wearing a medley of each other’s clothing, boots, and medical gloves!!

One day, maybe in the summer months, I’ll go back… Maybe with my own bird aficionado a.k.a. Mum. Until then there is so much in B.C., and specifically Vancouver Island left to explore.

May this week bring as much thanks as last weekend!

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