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Mythology & Movement

Stories. Myths. Tales. Fables… these are what feuled my imagination growing up. They braught life to my dreams and vivid colour to my mind. The stories about how the raven freed the moon, or Herculese and the Heracleidae, or the little prince, and of course the adventures of Milo in the Phantom Tollbooth.

Stories: they line our day and fill our nights. We create them in our minds and we live them in our physical bodies. They make up this beautiful maya, this illusion that we live from day to day. They are beautiful, and so necessary for the growth of our spirit and depth of our hearts.

Mythology and movement is a class designed to ignite your imagination and take you out of the day to day stories. It will flow over you with power and presence as you treat yourself to a light yoga class and so much more than a bedtime story.

Join me on Tuesdays this month as we spend four beautiful evenings immersed in hindu mythology and the stories of the yoga asanas while moving through gentle, flowing yoga classes. Expect to hear the love stories of the hindu deities, the battles of the warrior Goddesses and of course the all encompassing Shakti. Learn about the mythology behind some of the poses as you unwind from your day and melt into this yoga dream world.

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