Westy Living: night 11

If you’re not yet up to date on my antics, please let me enlighten you: on December 2nd I moved into my new 1993 Westphalia. The last 10 days have been the happiest of my life. Bar none.

Last night I plugged in at Mum’s… I needed a laundry stop, a plate of mums food and a reunion with my baby (Maggie May, my lemon beagle). It’s too cold at the moment for Maggie to stay in the Westy while I’m at work all the time, so for now she’s at mums place until the temperatures come up.

Here’s where I’ve stayed so far:

1st night: mums

2nd night: mums

3rd night: mums

4th night: esquimalt lagoon

5th night: mums

6th night: underground parking at work

7th night: Westhills stadium

8th night: Coach Harrington’s house (post staff party)
9th night: Westhills Stadium

10th night: Hatley Castle

11th night: mums

As you can see… I’m staying further from the nest!

YouTube videos here: https://youtu.be/nLoFInXVfUM


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