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Simplifying and Clearifying

Over the last couple years I have been doing a slow purge of all that I don’t need. The more I give away, sell, or recycle the easier it is to let go of the many unnecessary possessions I have acquired over the years. The more I get rid of, the clearer I think and the more I am able to relax into the happy human I am becoming.

Tonight has been spent doing further purging. I moved into my westy on December 2nd, and unfortunately I didn’t leave my tiny little bedroom in my mums house in the best of states.. actually it looks like a tornado hit it. So here I am on the first night of my first vacation in years sorting through, getting rid of, and organizing what will now be the guest bedroom.

The books I’ve kept: a medley of text books, yoga and spirituality books, or diet and cook books. I am not a strong reader, my attention span is minimal, so I tend not to do any reading for pleasure. Though, having said that it may be due to my intense work schedule I’ve kept for the last couple years as to why I don’t read… who knows maybe this new lifestyle will facilitate my literary development.

For now, it’s a great time to give things away and to avoid purchasing in excess as the world goes bananas with over-consumption, over-spending, and general consumer gluttony!
What I am keeping.. my many beautiful crystals, my two aloe plants and my grandmothers jade plant, and the beautiful medicine Buddha that sits on my jewelry box. img_3015

May your lives be beautiful in their simplicity and your minds be clear.

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