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Jordan River

Christmas in Vancouver didn’t exactly go as planned.. (see video… or skip it and keep reading, it’s way more positive down at the bottom!)

I was an anxiety ridden wreck in the big city and needed to rest and recover somewhere highly removed from the bustle of people, cars, cell reception, more people, and the generally Christmassy-ness of everything.

So I messaged my van-dwelling friend Chance and we decided to take our homes out to the west coast of Vancouver Island and live wild(er) for a few days. This was night 25 and 26 of westy-living.


Jordan River. The place I used to come to when I was the gromet of the group, where I learned to surf on the oldest surfboard known to man in dish gloves and a too-big wetsuit. The place thats on the cusp of civilization but wild enough to blow any contagious worries away and disconnected enough to allow enjoyment in every moment of uninterrupted existance.

My heart swells in growing sets that keep rhythm to the water at our front doors. This is where I thrive.

Jordan River Regional Park is a 187 hectare park of coastal forest approximately 1.5hours northwest of Victoria. On a clear day the Olympic Peninsula pops out from beyond the ocean in a majestic wall of mountain peaks, though while we where there the dark stormy sky all but eclipsed the snow capped mounts.

We camped at the main campsite just off of highway 14, its the perfect place to look out and watch the great Pacific world. Camping in the offseason is cheap: $10/night and $5 extra per vehicle. Payment at the campsite is done on a honours system with self-registration and irregular checks. We didn’t see any park rangers while we where there, though the outhouses where always well stoked and the campsite was full.

With the big weather coming through the surfers where out in high numbers at the two breaks out in front of our campsite. It was mesmerizing to watch them. On our last day one of our neighbours even encouraged us to get out there and try a wave or two… something I haven’t done in about six years. The encouragement was welcome, but I’m staying on dry land.


In between the rainy downfalls and the huge wind gusts we had clips of beautiful sunlight where we would run out of the vans and enjoy a hike, some photos or a good teeth brushing session in the waves. For the most part though it rained and aside from a surf-point yoga session, we hunkered down in our cozy (and cold) van-homes.

It was the perfect post-Christmas vacation. The beaches and elements sourounding us grounded me as deep as the Juan de Fuca Straight we looked out on. The company was perfect and my beautiful little dog was so happy.

2 thoughts on “Jordan River

  1. Molly, thanks for the video and blog post. My mom used to say that a fever was a good thing because it was a breakthrough so perhaps you are experiencing yet another breakthrough in what is true and real and good and authentic for you. If you have not already read Gabor Mate and his wonderful book “When the body says No”, I highly recommend it. I think this journey that we are all on is incredibly beautiful and incredibly complex and the more we simplify our being and our doing, the better and more beautiful life gets. Blessings to you for a healthy and peaceful 2017.


    1. Hi Linda, Thank you so much for reading and commenting on the blog. The encouragement I’ve recieved from the community has been incredible and I am so thankful for it. You are now the 3rd or 4th person to recommend that book to me and I went back to mums yesterday to find it sitting on my old bed. It is now in my van though I admit, yet to be oppened. I plan on starting it tonight. I will continue to share my journey – my mantra for the comming year is to “speak my truth” and much of that will be displayed here on this blog. Thank you again, I wish you the most abundant and peaceful new year. xox


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