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Day 1: Aspire

What is this?

Is this a pyramid scam?

Is it just a scam?

Am I linking you to try my product: NOPE.. no links.. just today’s experience with this new venture.

I’ve watched the 14 minute intro video, and lets be honest that 14 minutes I’ll never get  back, it could have easily been condensed into 2 minutes… the repitition almost made me break my phone. So why did I watch it? Because I’m desperate to deminish my financial debt, to not live pay check to pay check… to not have the stress of teaching yoga for money but teach simply because I love it, to have financial freedom to travel, and simply reduce the mountain of financial stress that hangs over my head.

I’m more than sceptacle of this online business venture.. but my desire to be free financially is seriously outweighing my common sense and I’m feeling risky. It says you can cancel any time, the first couple weeks are free (at first I thought it said 30 days and I’m watching the second video and now it’s saying the first 14 days soooo…. red flag)

The second video is 26 minutes long. The first 5 minutes are cool: Micheal Force (the founder) talks about his family, the freedom to travel with them and spend time with them, it seems genuine. The middle 10-15minutes I fastforwarded: more of the same, repetition, emphasis on the lifestyle… I already got the picture.

Fastforward to 18:00

You learn what you are selling… among other things: resale of exclusive luxury retreats (NO ONE I KNOW would be able to afford them). But they also say they do all the sales for you.

So scepticism aside… I pressed the Red botton.

  1. Credit card info in (free for the first 2 weeks)
  2. “Yes”, please don’t let my access expire ($37 / month)… includes a personal coach (knowing that I can give 24-48hrs notice of cancellation)
  3. “Yes”, I do agree with the various agreements that I have not read

Now: I’ve got the emails – now to call my coach.

BUT aparently my coach doesn’t work on Sundays. Frustrating that I can’t start now.


I’ve updated my profile, watched “step 1” and made facebook connections with my sponsor and her sponsor. I’ve also sent a message to the “live chat” to see if I can find a coach who’s available today. Havn’t heard back yet.

I’ll keep a detailed progress of my first two weeks, logging each day for 7 days, and then once or twice a week… I’ll let you know:

  • How much time I spend on it
  • How much money I make in the first little while (or how much money I lose)
  • What are some positive things I’m getting out of it
  • What are some negative things I’m finding with it

So far:

+ No money lost

+ Met two new friends: one who works (other)/travels and is in her first month of the program, and one who travels full time and makes $5000/ month (promising) but who didn’t make anything until the first week of february (having started December 20th).

– I havn’t been able to unlock anything yet so therefore havn’t been able to really get started.

– Soooooo much repetition in the content today. Ew.

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