Day 2: Aspire

Having talked to Ashley and Sarah I’m feeling much more positive about this venture, though still somewhat skeptical. I am committed up to $90 and 3 months, if nothing happens I’ve just lost some time and $90. That’s it.

My sponsor: Ashley, added me to a group Facebook page and there are so many people doing this program and they are all so welcoming.. so on that note: good start. BUT friendliness, though very important, does not pay the bills so I’m looking forward to getting started.

I have not yet talked to my personal coach, our appointment is at 3:40 today. But here are some things I’ve been thinking about:

  1. Short term goal: Make $1000 by April 26th, 1 month after starting this business venture.
  2. Mid term goal: $5000 in the first three months, in other words make $5000 before June 27th, 2017.
  3. Long term goal: *only applicable if my mid-term goal is met* Make $12,000, by September 27th, 2017: the 6 month mark.

Why am I doing this?

  • I read Timothy Ferriss’s “4-hour workweek” and I love the concept, one problem: I don’t know where to start. So I saw this and figured: why not?
  • I’m an athletic therapist and yoga instructor and I love what I do, however the financial stress of working hours and hours and organizing contracts and having contracts fall through and constantly trying to manipulate my schedule is exhausting, and its taking a lot of the fun and enjoyment away from what I do.
  • I have a lot of debt. Credit card debt. College debt. Car debt. more Credit card debt. I need to be free of this. I am not someone who handles things hanging over my head well.
  • I want to be FREE… I want to TRAVEL, and no I don’t mean saving up for 6 months and traveling on a budget. I want to be able to be spontaneous, to pick up and GO, to drive across Canada with my dog, or head to a Tulum Yoga Teacher Training for a month.

Soo… here we go, it’s call time with my Coach all the way from Mexico: Armando.

3:40 – Skype call to meet my coach

He was very welcoming and sweet… we joked about our sports teams for a bit (he’s a Steelers fan and I’m… not), he told me about his experience with the company and it sounded positive (of course, didn’t expect it not to sound anything else). And just like that conversation was over. No time wasted, short and sweet, initial talk lasted under 6mins and I am quite alright with that. Although I was expecting him to ask me about some of the above content as it was advised to think about those things before chatting with your coach.

Steps 1, 2, and 3 UNLOCKED! Yess… now I can get started and going on video #1… SO MOTIVATED!

… 3 hours later:

I’m still making necklaces and watching crappy doctor shows on Netflix.. and then regular work!

+ My coach seems really nice

+ My coach isn’t interested in wasting my time

– Apparently I’m interested in wasting my own time (yes, okay I like to sell my necklaces but I had already made 15 new ones… I could have stopped).

– I don’t know any more about the company then I did yesterday.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll do better in the self-motivation department!

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