Day 3: Aspire

Day 3 consists of :

  1. Waking up to have a quick phone meeting with the owner of the wonderful yoga studio where I teach and practice: The Yoga Loft
  2. Getting my lashes done with my friend Kaitlin
  3. Getting settled at the house I’m taking care of for the next week and walking Cairo (their dog) and Maggie May (my dog).
  4. Thinking about a nap (this is pretty much throughout the day)
  5. Working at the clinic I have my Athletic Therapy through: The Athlete Centre
  6. Try my friend’s   PEMF mat
  7. And comeing back to my temporary home to… DA DAAAA: wach the steps 1, 2 & 3 ( well that’s the idea… I’m curretnly between steps 4 and 5, it’s already 4pm and I won’t get “home” until close to 8:30pm. Mmmmmm… naps.


Holy bananas… the PEMF! If you are someone who struggles with any kind of anxiety, chronic pain, depression, or any other physical or mental issue please read this, I think I’ve found the holy grail.


Step 1: How to build a 6 figure digital business in 90-days or less?

This 47 minute video was a serious amount of repetition on the front end… then content. Buzzword: Ascention model… no idea what that means until I read the review under the video. Pretty sure its purely a self-made buzzword, as I still don’t really know what it means.

Good thinking point (for either this company or any other job change): How much money do you need to make per month before you quit your job?

My answer: $5000 of consistent income/month over a 6 month period

I hear the words “income on autopilot after 30 days”…. my intruige intensifies.

The video talks about tiered products, how its better to sell a sandwich store franchise than it is single sandwiches, and the 5 essential elements of any successful online bussiness. Nope, not gonna tell you what they are… I’m not summarizing here, I’m reviewing!

My general feeling after step one: YES, this is a multi-level marketing business (a.k.a. pyramid scam… without the scam part because I’m PRETTY sure it’s going to find out sooner than later), NO, there are no products to sell, YES I can become wealthy with little effort.

Foreshadowing tells me we’re getting sold a “grass-roots” style of online business education… and (more importantly and somewhat hopefully: a lifestyle)

I’ll do the worksheets when there’s something I feel like I need to challenge myself on, so far this is repetition from my marketing classes in college (though i recommend doing it if you’ve never done any marketing)

Concensus: I’ve commited for 3 months minimum so lets boogie on to step 2!

Step 2: Discover the #1 Missing Ingredient 99% miss with online business success!

I havn’t watched the video but I can’t get my head around that title, maybe its just that it’s now 11:40 at night, or that I’m irritated that my gut is telling me this is a multi-level-marketing business that hasn’t come out and said that yet: I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL I’M SUPPOSED TO BE SELLING!

TG This step is only 19 minutes long.

hmm… we’re starting with a summary of the previous video. OK.

Tactical triangle 

  • Economics – the fourth ingredient (I’m glad he’s explaining this because I’ve never really understood what the hell this is)
    • How much are you willing to pay to acquire a customer?
    • Math & Psychology…. well I don’t like math, but I’m down with the psychology

The 80/20 principle (OOOOOhh I know this one – Timothy Ferris talks about it in his book “The 4 hour workweek“!)

  • Pereto’s Law
  • 80% of the results are from %20 of the profit
  • Ie: find the customers that want to spend their money to build up your 80% My personal translation: MAKE EVERY TRANSACTION MORE PROFITABLE SO YOU HAVE LESS TRANSACTIONS. I’m down.

Annnnd 11:30min in REPEAT.

Take home: I’m going to dedicate $150 for the 3 months. Not $90. (Think about it: $37 x 3 – $111… buffer room if I need some online advertising: $39)

Note: the small video under the main “lesson” has a ton of good content about marketing and advertising that is (I believe) highly valuable.

Ps. It’s now 12:40pm and the website keeps being “unresponsive” ugh.

Step 3: The Millionaire Mind: How To Re-Wire Your Brain For Success

I’ve now learned to read the summary underneath the video first.. and then watch the video. Oh and I just scrolled to the bottom.. there’s a download for Timothy Ferriss’ 4-hour workweek, this thing is growing on me!!

30:34 minute video… here we go (I might end up seeing the sunrise from the back end tonight)

It amazes me that Micheal Force has Timothy Ferriss’s book in this class, yet the content has so much fluff in it! Cut to the chase please.

Take home: YOU do not work for this business… This is YOUR business.

Food for thought – 4 aspects of health; what’s important to me?

  • Physical: yoga, going to the gym, hiking with my dog
  • Mental: quiet, calmness,
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

Where are my income streams coming from right now?

  • Contract work 70% (time for money)
  • Yoga teaching 15% (time for money)
  • Private Practice 10% (time for money)
  • Creative 5% (goods + time for money)

I would LOVE to detach money from time… I think it would heal my relationship to time and anxiety. And I am in control of my life so I plan on doing this!

Who are the 5 people I spend my time with

  1. Maggie May (yes I know she’s my dog)
  2. Chance (ok… so we broke up and thats gonna change I guess)
  3. The Yoga Loft and the people inside it (no one specifically stands out – but the community itself)
  4. Rachelle (love her)
  5. The beautiful individuals of the Academy Room at Royal Bay High School

….right, so close friends are not my strongpoint, I have trouble getting close and staying close once lines have been crossed, I’m not very trusting and I gaurd my heart, call it a failure but this is the way I am. And yes, sure I plan on changing, eventually. For those incredible friends I have that have just gotten busy, I miss you, but I also have trouble reaching out.

Reading list:

  • Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant Guide to Financial Freedom by Robert T. Kiyosaki
  • YUP: Timothy Ferriss’ The 4-hour workweek



Tomorrow is going to come fast…

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