Day 4 & 5: Aspire with Digital Altitude

My day started out amazing. I’m truly trying to live a lifestyle that makes me happy, so today I started by taking my home/van to the mechanic and hitting the trails with the dogs (Maggie May and Cairo, who is a lab I’m intermittently taking care of until Sunday). THEN I was going to get to work on the next steps but got called in to do some emergency subbing at the yoga studio for a couple classes, which I really enjoyed!

Now its late… and I want to get some steps done.

Step 4

Quick and easy. TG. What I got out of it: this is more of an online franchise you buy a lease to versus a multilevel marketing business.

email back from my coach:

“This is not MLM since we use marketing funnel system [to] get potential customer, plus you have a phone sales team closing the sales for you. In MLM you need to go to meetings, prospecting, and more, here it is an automated system, saving you time, energy and money.”**

Thank you Coach… thats what I needed to hear! **Please keep in mind that english is not his first language.

Next day:

Step 5

This ones longer. Damn, I like the short and sweet ones! I’m getting ansy to get into this.

So far what I like:

Before throwing me to the marketing dogs

  • I’ve been given examples of different types of business.
  • I’ve been forced to do the six steps (signing off on each), wich has forced me to understand what I am getting into
  • I think the integrity of the company is apparent as I’ve been encouraged to learn as much as possible about the company before they even start talking about the products.

I have to be honest… I jumped the video forward a couple times. Truth bomb: I turn a feature length film into 45 minutes because I skip past the boring parts. All I ever need is the meat and potatoes of the story (and I’m vegan). I was the same through college, can get through an entire 22 episode series in a day on netflix and like things “expedited”.

This is going to be fun!

Step 6

I have now signed a non-disclosure form, a normal practive which I’ve done many times. What does that mean for the blog: well I’m going to give you my honest experience versus company content.

Here’s a little bit about who I am:

  1. I’ve been the grunt woman twice in the birthing of new businesses. Businesses that Micheal Force (Digital Altitude Founder) calles “brick and mortar” businesses; i.e., they have employees, walls, in-house clients, products, services, and oh so much sweat and tears (I added the tears part from my own personal experience).
  2. I have always been an entrepreneur: from the days of selling rocks from my rock collection at the end of my driveway, to selling handmade nechlaces with semi-precious stones on etsy.com, to now being a private contractor as a yoga instructor and an Athletic Therapist.
  3. I’m addicted to education: what I know is never enough adn I never have enough time to learn what I want to learn, do what I want to do, or experience what I want to experience.
  4. I am NOT a sales person, the things that I am:
    • Writer
    • Dreamer
    • I struggle with the common idea that you trade your time for money, my time is priceless, how dare you put a monetary value on it!
  5. I truly believe that money should be able to make money with very little effort and no specific time expense.

Back to whats happening in step 6…

I’m hearing the words “automated-income”… well like I just said thats something that I believe is possible.

I hear about their online education… there are things to know, and I must know them.

I hear my commitment in this business solidifying.

And just like that, the longer video is over. Holy BANANAS I didn’t skip one moment of this video. Whether I decide after my 3 months of manditory (self-inforced of course) commitment to stay or leave and do my own thing the information on marketing and advertising in this video is quality! 

My commitment is still three months, but my goals and how much money I want to invest are changing.

New goals

Short term Goal: I will be making $3000 in the first 30 days of digital altitude with a cut-off date of April 26th 2017.

Mid term Goal: I will make $7000 by June 27th 2017, in the first three months of this business.

Long term Goal: *only applicable if my mid term goal is met* Make $20,000 by september 27th, 2017: the 6 month mark.

The support is all here. My coach answers all my questions.

I’m going to invest $3000* into this company, no more, no less, in the first three months. My budget just went up in proportion to my expectation of what this company is going to do for me, how it is going to support me, and how much I am going to learn with it. *PLEASE NOTE: this is a number I have pulled from different product liscensing as part of the company and costs that I want to put into MY business to see a large return… it was somewhat pulled out of thin air and is not a requirement at all!



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