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Motivational Monday: Gratitude

For us Canadian’s Thanksgiving happened October 9th, a month and a half before the same holiday occurs in America, which means this beautiful continent gets to focus on thankfulness and gratitude twice before the December consumption that synchronizes with the Christmas season.


To me this past Thanksgiving was a reminder about daily thankfulness versus an opportunity to be thankful. We ALWAYS have the opportunity to be thankful, just as we ALWAYS have to opportunity towards kindness, love and yes, gratitude. Since Thanksgiving I have meditated on the idea of how much more joy I get in my life when I’m grateful, and I have spent some time listening to podcasts about the Law of Attraction, organic reciprocity, and servitude.

I’d like to invite you join me in a weeklong gratefulness experiment.


Before I continue to explain this experiment I’d like to share what I am so incredibly grateful for. The last six or so months of my life have been some of the best months I have ever lived. Last March and April I was fortunate enough to meet three people who have helped me change the course of my life.

Sarah – The catalyst.

She has been at once a life coach, mentor, friend, business coach, and motivator to me. She swooped into my life and has continued in every way possible to assist in my success, happiness and wealth. I am very grateful for Sarah’s influence in my life.

Ashley – The muse.

When you meet someone with a similar mind and different methods it blows what you always thought about yourself out of the water. Ashley did just that. She’s become someone who inspires me, challenges me, and constantly drives me to new heights. I am so grateful for Ashley’s friendship in my life.

Tom – The love of my life.

Need I say more? Last April the starts aligned and everyone else paled in comparison to this man. I had yet to meet someone with such loyalty and integrity and have already found him to be such a rock in the many diversities of my life. I am incredibly grateful for his love and partnership.

I started this year with the intention to post daily on my instagram account about something I am grateful for or have reverence for. It was supposed to start on my 27th birthday and run all the way to February 23rd, 2018, my 28th birthday. But, oh, am I flighty. I got to early June and then found something else to occupy my mind and my time. I’d like to take the time to bounce back into that challenge, and to invite my readers along with me.

For the next week I will post daily in my Facebook group for what I am grateful for, recording at least three positive things that happen during each day. The idea behind this exercise is the cultivation of gratitude. Our days rarely go perfectly to plan, and we often deal with unexpected challenges that can leave us feeling less than fine. By cultivating gratitude we are refocusing on and giving our energy to the positive aspects of our life, however small or however large, to change the course of each day, one day at a time.

The experiment:

Right now I would like you to get a pen and paper, or open a new note in your phone. Write down how you feel right now, how you felt this morning, and how the last seven days have gone for you. It can be brief and in point form, or a long and descriptive paragraph, you do not have to show anyone so I’ll leave that up to you!

For the next seven days join me in taking 2-5 minutes per day to write down three daily gratitudes. By the end of the week we will have at least 21 things we have been grateful for.

Next Monday we’ll revisit this experiment and I’ll ask you to write down how you feel in the moment, how you felt that morning, and how the last seven days have gone for you, then we’ll compare!


Have a wonderful and grateful week, I can’t wait to hear and read how this experiment goes for you!





“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. if you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” —Oprah Winfrey

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