Day 4 & 5: Aspire with Digital Altitude

My day started out amazing. I’m truly trying to live a lifestyle that makes me happy, so today I started by taking my home/van to the mechanic and hitting the trails with the dogs (Maggie May and Cairo, who is a lab I’m intermittently taking care of until Sunday). THEN I was going to get… Continue reading Day 4 & 5: Aspire with Digital Altitude


The PEMF Mat

As some of you may already know I struggle with depression, and have always struggled with depression. I can’t remember when it started, I just know it has always been an issue. I write about it a little bit here though that wasn’t when it started, it just added to it. The last 4 days… Continue reading The PEMF Mat


Day 2: Aspire

Having talked to Ashley and Sarah I’m feeling much more positive about this venture, though still somewhat skeptical. I am committed up to $90 and 3 months, if nothing happens I’ve just lost some time and $90. That’s it. My sponsor: Ashley, added me to a group Facebook page and there are so many people doing this… Continue reading Day 2: Aspire

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Day 1: Aspire

What is this? Is this a pyramid scam? Is it just a scam? Am I linking you to try my product: NOPE.. no links.. just today’s experience with this new venture. I’ve watched the 14 minute intro video, and lets be honest that 14 minutes I’ll never get  back, it could have easily been condensed… Continue reading Day 1: Aspire


Westy Living: night 100

The last three and a half months have been the longest three and a half months I have ever experienced. They have also been the happiest, yet most frustrating, the most free, and the most anxious I have ever felt. My romanticized expectation of living in a van included yoga beach-side with tanned skin and mermaid hair,… Continue reading Westy Living: night 100


Westy Living night 62: you’re baseline – RTP

In the last month a couple people have asked me, respectfully yet specifically and significantly: “what stopped you from reporting the assaults against you?” Fear. Judgement. Shame. A desire to put everything behind me. A distrust of the care I would be given in our justice system. Youth and lack of an education on how… Continue reading Westy Living night 62: you’re baseline – RTP


The Silver Thread of Intention

Van Living. Wow. Nothing has made me so happy. In my (almost) 27 years there has not been so much joy and freedom in my life as living in my vehicle has brought me. No trinkets, no giant easy-access fridge, no television, no any-time internet. The freedom is real and complete. My weekends have been… Continue reading The Silver Thread of Intention