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Jordan River

Christmas in Vancouver didn’t exactly go as planned.. (see video… or skip it and keep reading, it’s way more positive down at the bottom!) I was an anxiety ridden wreck in the big city and needed to rest and recover somewhere highly removed from the bustle of people, cars, cell reception, more people, and the… Continue reading Jordan River

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Simplifying and Clearifying

Over the last couple years I have been doing a slow purge of all that I don’t need. The more I give away, sell, or recycle the easier it is to let go of the many unnecessary possessions I have acquired over the years. The more I get rid of, the clearer I think and… Continue reading Simplifying and Clearifying


Westy Living: night 11

If you’re not yet up to date on my antics, please let me enlighten you: on December 2nd I moved into my new 1993 Westphalia. The last 10 days have been the happiest of my life. Bar none. Last night I plugged in at Mum’s… I needed a laundry stop, a plate of mums food… Continue reading Westy Living: night 11