The roots of Her Fireweed


My name is Molly Atkin, I live just outside of Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I am a yoga instructor, athletic therapist, artist, and healer with a deep passion and love for the great outdoors. I currently wear many hats in my occupational life, though my dearest dream is to run a yoga studio from home, live simply and inspire those around me towards a more peaceful life.

Her fireweed started in 2010 as The Amen Athletic a blog that allowed me to bring together my deep spiritual side, my love for all things athletic, and my creativity. As I developed my dreams, as I slowly spelled out my path, one word at a time, the necessity to focus on myself became less and less. Thus a new blog was born.

Her Fireweed was created with a desire to inspire other women who pioneer through life and who do not apologies for their ambition or lack of fear to the unknown. Her Fireweed represents the beauty of what comes after you have been broken down: the view from a summit after a hard climb, the satisfaction of following your heart beyond the water’s edge, and laying in tents after long rides. Her Fireweed then goes further, it represents the breaking down of not just the body, but the mind as well. Following that breakdown new growth apears with the most beautiful, vibrant and lush blossoms: Chamerion angustifolium.. Fireweed.